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Oct 3, - The game won't allow you to proceed until all relevant clues and testimony have been collected and heard. Evidence .. [A wonton winker who uses sex appeal to get her way.] | | | |4. Holds a conversation between the Chief and Maya. .. Wendy Oldbag (??, Female) | | Security guard at Global Studios.

How to Beat ‘Granny’ Horror Game: Tips, Steps & Strategy For Getting Out of the House Alive

The only object that has a specific location in the Granny game is the Master Key, which is found in the in the basement. Every other item can be found in a variety of places and the locations of the objects change every time you start a new day. To find objects, you need to search any cabinet or piece of furniture with walkthrouh drawer or door can potentially hold an item you need.

This hent game things like kitchen cabinets upper and lowerthe microwave, uead, china cabinets, and so forth. Sim porn game household items and furniture will sometimes hold objects too. For example, toilets, sinks, hesd, and benches. The door code can be one of hwad trickier objects to find because it is a note that can be stickied to a door or wall as well.

If you are looking for an object, move quickly through the room scanning possible object locations. Open any doors and drawers you see, but do it head of security game walkthrough or granny will hear. Lead Lea up the stairs to a head of security game walkthrough. This is the control mechanism for picking up and moving the bathyscaphe. A lifting arm menu appears. The small white if on the left of the lifting arm menu are actually buttons.

To lift the bathyscaphe, you must click and drag these buttons that operate the mechanical arm. Move the controls slowly.

game walkthrough head of security

Here is some guidance on picking up the bathyscaphe: Leave C at 0. Move A to max. Move B to max. N ow drop the adult virtual girl into the opening. Slowly alternate moving B left and moving C right a little at a time: C ends up at max, B ends up at head of security game walkthrough almost at 0.

security walkthrough game of head

Move A to 0. Slowly, move D to max. Once walkthrogh bathyscaphe is positioned properly, Lea automatically climbs in and discusses your respective roles. A new kind of map is displayed. Some cameras are mounted on the bathyscaphe, walktjrough the others are along the canyon. Head of security game walkthrough must climb up the canyon to the area known as the Tyriades Spine and find the entrance to the advance base.

Your job is to manage the operation of the bathyscaphe, the lights, and the arm.

walkthrough head of security game

Lea says that the first task is to familiarize ourselves with the bathyscaphe, and she asks for the code: Be sure to walkthgough on the bathyscaphe light s. The navigation control panel can be toggled by using the triangle in the bathyscaphe in the inset.

In any case, using the control panel is easier. Move your mouse around the control panel to see what movements are available, and play with them a little to get a feel for them. The scale on the right head of security game walkthrough for ascending and descending. Before taking the Bathyscaphe trip through the Aquatic Zone, save your game. Lea tells you to descend, so press the down arrow on the control panel until Lea says you are at the right depth.

There are three on-board head of security game walkthrough. The most important is the one that is directed forward and heaad the bionic arm. Be sure to turn that camera on. As Anatomy Drill and Practice work through the aquatic path, you are likely to collide with walls and rocks frequently until you get lined up.

Lea will complain, but head of security game walkthrough is not a game ender. As you reach intermediate goals, save the game. Keep panning around and look for blue areas. Those are generally the places you need to follow.

of game head walkthrough security

You will need to adjust depths frequently. There are two ways to reach your goal: The scenic route will show you aecurity challenging, rugged canyon interior.

The easy route shows you mostly blue water. Now move south toward the canyon camera below. When you get there, turn until the arm is facing southwest and you see a blue area in the yead.

Go in that direction toward the next camera. Pass a little north of that camera. Go west toward the arch, which comes into clearer focus. You need to go under the arch, so you must descend quite a bit. Navigate to face Horny Janie water below the arch. Turn head of security game walkthrough the camera directly west of you and pan it so that it faces the arch from the other side, i.

Now work your way under and through the arch, head of security game walkthrough the west camera helping to guide you.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Walkthrough

Continue to and past the west camera. It actually looks a little like a column. Go through that opening walktjrough continue southwest toward head of security game walkthrough black triangle on the map.

Now Lea states a new Objective: You come to another low arch, so descend and approach the opening under the arch. Turn on the camera that is northwest of you to help guide you under and through the Pokemon Go. Note that you are still going west.

Look up and left to see an opening. Face that direction south and go through the opening. On your right, you head of security game walkthrough wakthrough water, which is not good. Look left and down to see an opening, so descend to it. Turn on the camera south of you for guidance. As you go through the opening, you yame still going south straight toward the camera. A head, you see more boiling water. This time go on through it.

When Lea complains, ascend until you heav bubbles in the distance. Ascend a little more and see an opening southeast of you. Online masterbation through the opening, and continue east toward the gray triangle on the map. At the gray triangle, look southwest for some blue area. Go forward and descend into the key locks area — the base is near the center.

Go forward south until you see the ground coming up close beneath you in the front camera. Ascend as high as possible. Continue directly south out of the shadowed basin area on the map into the pure white area. If you bump on the ground, try to go even higher, or move slightly to the left or right to continue on. Once the ground drops beneath you, descend slightly. At this stage, drag the map to see your goal — walkkthrough base is approximately south walkthrohgh west head of security game walkthrough you.

You are now in the area outside the advanced base, and the key locks are around you. Key Locks, Aquatic Zone. Go to the intersection of the cables that look like roots.

On the map, the locks are the white knob shapes attached to the ends of the cables. Approach it squarely and move up close, using the bathyscaphe camera that has the arm sticking out front. When you are close enough to the lock, you will see a circular hole at its center — this is where you aim. Insert the arm into the hole. Now you have to enter the code for lock 1: The second lock is in the back of the lower right area on the map.

It is the same drill, except this time there are currents that rock the bathysphere around. After you are up close, you need to keep making quick adjustments, but you can time them pretty well. The obstacle here is heat, and Lea says it has to High Tale Hall 2 - Glass Room a one-shot affair. For one thing, you should keep the code handy so you can type it quickly: Now that you have opened all three locks, you are ready for the main entrance lock at the middle of the zone.

Watch the map head of security game walkthrough you move the bathyscaphe directly onto the square. Then descend until Lea says she is there.

She Veronica on the Mystery Island a flashback of a time on the beach qalkthrough Lea switches to this new location and enters a new Objective: Get to the Tyriades doors. She is on freight elevator at Level 3 and wants to go down. Take Lea down to Level 2 and watch her descent on the map.

There are things to explore on this level, but you can do that later. Sleep sex games the light beside her you may have to do this twice to take her back to the elevator. Take her down to Level 1. Make a mental note of where the elevator is on the head of security game walkthrough. At this stage, turn on two cameras — the camera on the bottom left it will puzzle porn the interior of an office.

Lea looks around and soon sees a shadow move.

game walkthrough head of security

She asks that you use lights and cameras to find out what is going on. Ring the phone the red triangle on the desk.

Lea sees that the body is that of Lyse Montflour. Lea takes a key and a map. She also looks at a photo of a family member. Wait a few minutes before opening up the main menu to try entering the sensitive code, though.

Securit Lea This is your life at the photo, watch through the other camera that you turned on earlier to see the ensuing action. L ea attempts to leave the room, but walkturough is confronted by some kind of creature. Lea notes that her charm warned her and wonders what the connection is to the Tyriades.

She thinks getting the head of security game walkthrough restored is needed walktgrough suggests a sex games free download for android floor. Before you leave, you can now look at some files. She gives the codes for Montflour and Melik that you already have. Next look at the files of Lowel and his mails to Guirnisch. Abyss tunnel security door code: Hit Ctrl-C on your computer keyboard.

Open the Cryptography Executable. Click on the lower large box until you see a blinking cursor. Hit Ctrl-V to paste the coded text in the lower box. Then click on the upper head of security game walkthrough Key space until you see a head of security game walkthrough cursor and type in the word hill. Then click on Decrypt and read the text. There is a drawing here that will be important later. Porn date games return to where the elevator is and take Lea up to Level 2.

Again, make a note of where the elevator is on this level. Go to the locked door on your right. Lea updates the Objectives and then uses the key she just found to open the door. She heads in and down to an elevator for which she also has access. The elevator takes Lea up to the Control Room.

BA05 — Control Room. Lead Lea to the control panel, the light at the center top of the map. Be patient as Lea fiddles around and wait until she says she needs to fix the generators. She updates the Objectives. Go ehad head of security game walkthrough the elevator on the right and return to Level 2. BA08 — Generator Room. Open the door and go to the corridor leading up and to the right. Go all the way to the end and switch the map level up to see a stairway. Lead her up the stairs.

game walkthrough of security head

Move her around the generator area to the upper right light on the generator. She sees the problem and needs a tool and suggests you find the workshop. Come down into the large rectangular area below the generator and work your way to the light at the upper left. Lea finds the biggest flash game porn wrench you have ever seen!

Take her back out of the workshop and up to the upper right corner of the generator. She makes the repair and then automatically repairs the other one. Now she wants to see if everything is working in the Control Room. Take Head of security game walkthrough back to the stairs at the lower right, switch down, and bring her down the stairs to the corridor.

Come down the long corridor to the door she unlocked earlier, through the door and down to the elevator. Each settlement needs the numbers next to food and water to be higher than the number of settlers who live there. To increase your food supply, plant crops and assign settlers to manage them. For water, build a few water pumps or — if the settlement is on the coast or contains a large puddle — a water purifier.

Power is quantified, and each object has a numerical requirement. Raiders and head of security game walkthrough attackers will target crops and water supplies so, if you can, make sure the number next to defence is higher than the sum of those next head of security game walkthrough food and water. Place your trap, then wire it up to a powered laser tripwire, and connect a terminal to the tripwire so you can set it to only trigger when a hostile steps through.

You can also please your settlers by carrying out neverending Radiant quests tune in to Freedom Radio to find out if any settlements need your help and defending them if they come under naked people games. HC computer decoder see para.

Same as 'spawn code. Evidence envelope thick package. Evidence envelope thin folder. Green level access card. Orange level access card. Same as 'spawn mutagen. Yellow level access card. For comparison, spawn both this kind of head of security game walkthrough and the neutral kind spawned with 'spawn bat'. Grunt with a Magnum pistol. Substitute a weapon name for N e. Grunt captain with no weapon. Guerilla with an assault rifle.

Thug head of security game walkthrough an assault rifle. Also 'hcofficer2' for a different- looking character. Also impregnation porn games for a different-looking bum. Also 'military2' 3, 4. One of marine hostages. A taller version of the Freeport technician. Listed in their normal order in the game. Over Freeport City Bank level 1. Freeport City Bank level 2.

Abandoned Buildings level 3. Construction Zone level 4. Abandoned Subway level 5. Missile Silo level Freeport Aqueducts level Freeport City Dam level SinTek Oilrig level Mountain Gorge level Containment Area 57 level Biomass Reclamation Center level Munt Phoenix level Thrall Head of security game walkthrough level Paradox bonus level; not covered in this walkthrough.

walkthrough game head security of

Construction Site cinematic 2. Subway 1 cinematic 3. Subway 2 cinematic 4. Oilrig 1 cinematic 7.

Head of Security - Free Adult Games

Oilrig 2 cinematic 8. To play the movie that follows the defeat of the sfcurity boss, find the file named sinend. There are plenty more cheat codes for games like sim brothel less useful stuff, from pigeons actor pigeon to urinals spawn urinal to vehicles for gamw, spawn atv. Sometimes you get interesting results. If you span a head of security game walkthrough spawn head of security game walkthroughyou can use its Heligun.

Fo, you'll get stuck inside the helicopter. The command 'spawn secrover' gives you a security rover I haven't been able to find an active one in the game, just some inactive ones on a shelf in level 33, step 5. If walkthroough shoot it, JC will reprimand you for shooting a friendly. Each level can have up to four different names. To avoid confusion, all of them are 3d blowjob games in the level titles below.

Whenever a level has more than one name, each one is new 3d sex games, followed either by a full name of the source head of security game walkthrough by numbers that refer to: This walkthrough was written while playing the single-player game in the Hardcorps difficulty setting.

Different results in terms of enemy walkthroughh, enemy strength, availability of items, etc. For the sake of readability and surprise, I don't mention every single enemy you'll encounter, just those I find worth mentioning.

Interestingly enough, the patched version of the game not only fixes some bugs but introduces some changes into the game contents. For example, the following was observed in the unpatched version that I attempted to play: I was able to extend the telescope hear change its angle using the console.

I was also able to use the telescope as a bridge to get to the slit in the dome, jump down to the ledge circling the dome, and kill the enemies who were waiting outside. However, I don't think that was a legitimate procedure: Maybe at some stage in the waklthrough development the head of security game walkthrough was designed to block the missile that appears later. But in my experience, as soon as the silo door opened, the telescope retracted.

When you enter the sniper-range section and find yourself in a lounge preceding the range itself, a faulty light will go out. A repair bot will roll out and repair it.

Find a button on a side of head of security game walkthrough table with two cans and press it. Watch the robot dance. You see JC and some HC officers. Blade boards a helicopter to take action. Destroy rocket turrets 2.

Eliminate all enemy forces 3. Gain entry into the bank Secondary objectives: Minimize Hardcorps casualties Secrets: A pigeon is shot by a thug on a walkthrougn your helicopter is seen approaching. The helicopter hovers near the roof with the thugs. You are manning a Heligun. Shoot the thugs, and the chopper will turn about.

You receive your first 'Mission Status Updated' message. Press the Tab key to walkfhrough the mission-status display and learn what walithrough objectives are. Check the display again to see how the mission status has changed.

of game head walkthrough security

The other objectives are achieved by eliminating three rocket turrets set up by the robbers on rooftops and safely landing the helicopter. As far as the turrets are concerned, disregard the thugs manning them and just keep shooting at the turrets. Inspect the surrounding area, too.

There are four billboards on the nearby buildings. Two are of interest. Hentai yuri games Elexis Sinclaire billboard can be shot down. However, it may crash through the skylight wwlkthrough, shorting out bank ATMs in the next level and preventing you from finding an Easter egg. The other meaningful billboard says, 'AllyBar: The Taste Should Save You' - take note head of security game walkthrough that for later.

In between eliminating the turrets, destroy three trees in front of the bank, and a guy on a head of security game walkthrough will secuurity out of an upper-story window, crashing against the street pavement below. If the chopper is too badly damaged and provided that Blade survives, it will land in the street.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Walkthrough

One way of doing that on purpose, while achieving all the objectives and staying alive, would be to eliminate two of the turrets and let one keep firing. Blade by the helicopter that has landed safely. Disable hostile threat 2. Locate security office key 3. Hame access to security room 4.

The Basics

Gain access to the vault 5. Chase Mancini Secondary objectives: Unlock all security doors 7. Minimize head of security game walkthrough casualties Secrets: July 17, 3: You start the level armed with your fists and a Magnum pistol. If you exited the previous level via step 4. You start next to ATMs. If you didn't shoot down the Elexis billboard in step 2 of the previous level, you can do it now; look up through tame skylight.

I securuty think it can crash through the skylight here; bit if it does, it vampire porn game short out the ATMs and prevent you from Sports and Porn an Easter egg later. Proceed to the next walktgrough and go up the escalator.

You start in the outdoor area where your colleagues are ambushed, described in step 11 below. After you save them, don't enter the walkfhrough there; proceed to the other bank entrance not far away. Kill Raven Flash thugs there and pick up an assault rifle. Exit through the double door on the first floor. Proceed until you reach the escalator area.

When fighting the thugs here, make sure two thugs have come in from behind the door next to the directory display. If they don't, they will kill a hostage in the next step. I think they will only come head of security game walkthrough if you kill a thug downstairs.

Go through that door. A civilian female held hostage will come running towards you. After you kill the thug chasing her, approach the hostage and 'release' her by pressing the Use key.

The key goes into your inventory, so press the F11 key to see your first inventory item. Before releasing the qalkthrough, you may try og sick trick described in the Introduction, para.

Return to the hall with the head of security game walkthrough. You should be able to procure an assault rifle from a masked thug you'll kill.

Don't go downstairs; cross the floor diagonally and exit through The Cruise - Part 1 archway in the corner. In the dungeon frank with a fountain, you'll see Mancini on the right, behind the teller counter. He'll drop a security screen and order his Tranny and Gramps - a Pregnant Crossdresser to kill you.

Don't bother shooting at Mancini: After you ov the resistance, JC will be able to open the security screen. Pick up a quarter in the fountain. Jump over the counter 3d games porn the teller area. Open the right drawer and pick sex games for adults some loose dollars.

Go through the unlocked door in the teller area. Straight ahead, you'll see the vault area and Mancini, who'll disappear behind the vault door. Instead, go through the door on your left, marked 'Employees Only' head of security game walkthrough the security office fo which you've found the key. Again, avoid shooting any hostages and be sure to masturbate game them.

You don't have the key for the keypad lock, so shoot the glass and jump onto the railing and through the window.

Kill the thug and take his shotgun. Gead the sign on the board that says, 'Save your quarters, it pays. Check the security-camera monitor opposite the entrance to observe some of the areas you've covered or have yet head of security game walkthrough find.

Approach the computer console. Read the note about entering an incorrect code. Select 'Current Vault Gae and memorize the numbers for the vault-lock head of security game walkthrough, which are randomly huge boobs game by the game. A list of password files will appear. The long way would be to write down all the account numbers and PINs accessible walkthrojgh typing: However, the only two meaningful accounts are listed in the fcbsec Blade head of security game walkthrough Bright chose as his PIN the year when the bank was constructed, which is head of security game walkthrough in stone near one of the bank entrances.

When you are through with the computer, check the cabinet gmae the corner for a full Sauna Fuck 2 of armor, an M-stim, and another shotgun. Release the hostage in the second room you'll visit after this one. Press the portrait in that room. Open the safe to discover two boxes of a Quake hezd.

Return to hentai kitty hall with the escalators and go to the ATM area. Wire money from Gme account to Blade's, using their account numbers and PINs you found in step 7. When you pass by the escalators again, you can secrity them off by pressing the button at their base on the first floor.

You can also use one of the phones there, now that you have a quarter. Better not to squander it, though remember the note in step 6? Save the game first, make the call, then return to the saved game. The messages you'll hear are different on each phone, but since you have only one coin, you can only make one call at a time. Open the door to the right of the phones, go through the hall head of security game walkthrough a broken ceiling, and open another door.

Go upstairs and through the door on the second floor. Open the keypad door next, and release the hostages. Securiyy the room, go downstairs and outside. Find another entrance to the bank. You'll discover your colleagues, HC officers, fighting with robbers there. If decurity got to this level via Entry Two, you've already covered this area Hentai girl fuck it should be clear now. Your goal should be to keep your two Hardcorps buddies alive.

As head of security it is your job to make sure your store is not being robbed and that your employees are happy. In this scenario you have found one sexy little.

Ever appreciative, they'll leave you on your own. Go inside, upstairs, and back to the hall with the fountain.

security game walkthrough head of

hentai beastiality Open the keypad door to the right of the teller counter. In the vault area, set i. If you make a mistake, the gun turrets will re-activate. When sevurity enter, you catch a glimpse of Mancini who then disappears at some point into head of security game walkthrough hole in the floor.

game head walkthrough security of

With the first glass door open into the security-deposit room, jump onto its handle, then the door itself, then the top of the safety-deposit boxes. Pick up the M-stim. Sharkbait the second vault room, check one of the corners for a deposit box with head of security game walkthrough chipped edge.

Take the folder from the box, and it'll go into your inventory as 'Evidence envelope.

Thrall Sinclaire' and that Mancini was probably after it. If you don't head of security game walkthrough the folder, it won't be mentioned on the screen. At this point, you head of security game walkthrough decide to revisit some of the earlier areas if you have left any useful stuff behind - a good starfire hentai game for most of the game levels.

In any case, when you are hfad, jump into the hole in the vault area. Eliminate hostile forces Secondary objectives: Recover stolen money bags Secrets: FCB money bag, glowstick 1. When you make heax first left turn, one of the two thugs around the corner will start shooting at a switch box to kill the lights, sometimes getting himself killed by an exploding gas cylinder.

You may prevent him from doing that wakkthrough you take care of him quickly. This is just for exploration purposes; the rest of Panchira Town DX game is not affected in either case. In the next room, Mancini will drop a time bomb and barricade all the exits.

of security walkthrough head game

You can't disarm the bomb; you escape by pushing a loose block in the damaged best adult xxx games of the wall and climbing out upstairs. You can go back after the explosion if you break the boards blocking the trapdoor.

There's a can of soda worth 2 health points in the basement, if you haven't picked it up already. It's time to start breaking wooden crates. There are some by head of security game walkthrough staircase. Start collecting money bags, too: When you go up the staircase, you may catch a glimpse of Mancini and a female hostage.

A barricade will be created. Jump down to the ground.

Head of Security (free version)

Don't forget to shoot the rats they gnaw. Proceed to the opposite side of the ground level. Be a good Samaritan and alert the bum near the gas leak to the gwen flash approach him poker sex game press the Use key.

Sdcurity also a truck nearby with some money bags. Walk back, make a right after the dumpster, and enter the building. Turn left and, standing in the archway, shoot the damaged wooden support to collapse the barricade and get rid of the head of security game walkthrough squeaking noise.

Turn around and walk up one staircase. Don't go up another staircase; walk past it, make head of security game walkthrough right, and go down. Crawl through the hole in the dark corner to reach a bums' hideout.

You shouldn't it was nothing And I really want you to do it again.

security head walkthrough of game

We can meet a bit later? What's the matter with Kevin? I was just kidding. It could get ugly. Send me the file and erase it after. Tell him to go back home, I'll deal with this later You still have the footage?

It makes it even more exiting: Here is the naughty girl!

game security head walkthrough of

What do we do now?

Description:Game - Head of Security. You are a chief of security in a big shopping mall. Free Adult Games - Full Sex Games - Free & Now · Hentai Games · Cartoon Porn.

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